Digital & offset printing

Digital printing is currently the most cutting-edge and the fastest method of producing different multi-coloured printed materials out of paper and film. The biggest advantages of this type of printing are the high speeds, which reduce the time of printing, flexibility (e.g. personalization of printed materials) and cost-effectiveness with smaller print runs. Digital printing eliminates the time and cost of setting up (films, offset plates, etc.), since the job can be started directly from a computer file. Using our colour printers, we can print on various materials: paper (coated, uncoated, recycled and FSC), cardboard, self-adhesive film, PVC banners and tarpaulins. A new offering in our company as well as a special feature on the market is varnish printing in white, gold, silver and metallic colours.

Offset printing is more suitable for medium and large print runs, as it is more cost-effective in these cases. Offset printing enables the production of the most demanding print matter with crystal clear and sharp images. It is possible to use many different types of paper (coated, uncoated, recycled and FSC) and cardboard, which can be enhanced with lamination, varnishing, thermal printing with a wide range of colours as well as blind stamping. We also have many finishing options available for the production of various end products.