3D signs

You can decorate the walls of your business premises, office or your home with attractive 3D inscriptions, which can be made of different materials. 3D signs are typically made of Forex. This material is available in white or black and is intended for both outdoor and indoor use. You will definitely achieve an elegant and prestigious look with a sign made of plexiglass or Dibond. This can be further enhanced using different coloured films. Stadur, which is very hard and durable, or Kappa, which is a bit lighter, are also suitable materials for indoor use and slightly larger signs. They are more affordable than plexiglass or Forex. Printing on the sides of these two materials is not possible due to their structure. If you are a nature lover and you prefer a more homely look, you can also opt for a 3D sign made of wood.

If you need advice on appropriate material selection, sizes, printing options or graphic design services, our team will be happy to assist you. Together, we will make sure that your 3D signs create a good first impression based on their appearance.

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