UV printing

The flatbed UV printer is suitable for printing on flat surfaces up to 4.8 cm thick. Its greatest advantage is its extreme flexibility, as it can be used to print on a wide variety of flat materials (cardboard, acrylic, aluminium, glass, wood, Vivak, Komacel, Komatex, Dibond, plexiglass, DISPA boards, etc.)

Other advantages include the high speed of printing, excellent colour reproduction (high print quality) and quick set-up time. The required image is printed directly from a computer file. The images are printed in high resolution and there is an extra option for partial varnishing with a clear coat. This gives the finished product a special visual effect. Since it prints UV colours, it allows for very long print durability even when exposed to the elements.

UV printing is suitable for printing on various boards and stands as well as imprinting ballpoint pens, books, lighters, etc.