Wobblers and hangers

Wobblers and hangers are typically seen on the shelves of shops, bookshops and pharmacies to promote sales. They can also be used as decoration for specific gift items (bottles, bags, etc.). They can be of different shapes and sizes, but it is important that the text on them is large, easy to read and comes in vivid colours. Wobblers are usually attached to a PVC strip, which is attached to a shelf or other suitable place.

We use high-quality paper with different grammages to print wobblers and hangers. You can also opt for matte or glossy lamination, which ensures better print resistance and shinier colours. We offer wobbler printing in various shapes and sizes.

If you need advice on appropriate material selection, sizes, printing options or graphic design services, our team will be happy to assist you. Together, we will make sure that your wobblers are sufficiently noticeable and attractive to passers-by.

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