Invitations and postcards

Despite advanced technology and digital communication, postal mail is still very much in use today as a more personal and efficient option. On various occasions, such as weddings, baptisms, Christmas, New Year’s and birthdays, people typically look for aesthetically pleasing and beautifully designed invitations. Postcards can also be an excellent choice when you want to brighten your customers’, business partners’ or friends’ day. Make a prize contest more interesting or use them for advertising purposes.

When printing invitations, we mostly use coated, uncoated or recycled paper with different grammages. You can also choose between different types of creative paper. For postcards, it is better to print on thicker paper. The photo must be printed on the coated side, and the other side has uncoated paper, which is suitable for writing messages with a pen. Printed materials can be further enhanced with after-treatment method, such as lamination, varnishing, thermal printing with a wide range of colours and personalization (addresses, discount codes, symbols and labels, etc.).

If you need advice on appropriate material selection, sizes, printing options or graphic design services, our team will be happy to assist you. Together, we will make sure that your printed materials stand out from the crowd.

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