Menus and price lists

On the photo is shown close-up thermal printing on the price list or menu.
An open price list or menu in caffee. Price lsit on the table.
Close-up of UV and thermal printing. Photo shows detail on the price list or a menu.

If you are involved in the catering, trade, cosmetics or hairdressing industry or are an event organizer, you will definitely need price lists, menus, wine lists or leaflets containing information on your desserts and drinks. These types of printed materials must be well designed and easy to read in order to attract the attention of your customers.

We use different grammages and types of paper to print price lists. You can choose different formats in matte or glossy finish. Those can be laminated for longer durability. If your offering is more extensive, you’ll need more space to list all the information and pictures. In this case we can offer you different types of binding (wire bound, spiral, etc.).

If you need advice on appropriate material selection, sizes, printing options or graphic design services, our team will be happy to assist you. Together, we will make sure that your price lists and menus appeal to each and every customer.

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