Flexographic printing, as the name suggests, is renowned as one of the most adaptable printing methods due to its inherent flexibility, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Its versatility is evident through the utilization of various combinations of sleeves, cylinders, plates, in-the-round (ITR) engraving, and press types to achieve diverse end results.

With the appropriate ink selection, flexoprinting excels in producing clear and attractive prints on nearly any substrate. This method has proven effective in minimizing press downtime, increasing press speeds, and facilitating longer print runs. Consequently, it has become a favored choice for industries seeking to create visually appealing, well-branded packaging and attractively designed consumer products.

Five Markets Leveraging Flexographic Printing

1. Home Goods

   Flexographic printing extends beyond consumer products to include tissue and non-woven paper items. Specialized flexo sleeves and printing cylinders, enable the production of laser-engraved print rolls of varying widths, making it ideal for manufacturers of paper towels and tissues.

2. Food & Beverage Industry

   While unwrapping a candy bar or preparing a sandwich with turkey slices, one may not consider flexo printing. However, numerous products in the food and beverage industry, especially those on plastics, utilize flexographic printing for its efficiency.

3. Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry

   In the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, clear and consistent printed packaging is crucial for consumer safety and brand recognition. Flexographic printing accommodates a wide array of substrates, facilitating the printing of diverse packaging materials used for medications. It is also employed in producing blister packaging adhesives for prescription medications, ensuring FDA-compliant, tamper-proof packaging with non-toxic, environmentally friendly inks.

4. School and Office Supplies

   Flexo printing’s precision and consistency make it an ideal choice for printing ruled products, including legal pads, stationery, lined notebooks, steno pads, medical charts, and graph paper. When large printing quantities require consistent quality, flexographic printing consistently delivers.

5. Boxes, Product Display, and Point-of-Purchase Marketing Materials

Businesses selling products can enhance their packaging with beautifully designed and printed materials using flexo printing. This method is not limited to product packaging and shipping materials; it can also be applied to mass-produced product display materials on various substrates.

Is Flexographic printing a right choice for us?

Flexographic printing empowers companies across diverse sectors to achieve brand accuracy in all printed materials. If your business has continuous print needs, flexographic printing stands out as the optimal choice, offering limitless artistic capabilities and precision printing on almost any substrate. To explore whether flexo printing aligns with your company’s needs, consult with a printing expert at Tisk Šepic or visit our clean room page for more information.